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Buyer’s Get the Unfair Advantage Real Estate Expert

Whether your upcoming investment represents a threshold-crossing life transition or a strategic acquisition, We can create a plan to suit your needs and personality. We are highly experienced in navigating the maze of today’s market from start to finish, including property identification, lending options, negotiations, escrow and final closing.



  • Inside information

Martha Stewart may have gone to jail for trading on inside information. As a Private Client Group member, you will receive our buyer’s package that helps you access to pocket listings and off-market opportunities.  We educate our clients and help of buying process featuring market research, market analysis, negotiation strategy.



  • Distressed Sales and Off-Market Deals

We seek out motivated sellers that have not listed their property on the open market. These include short sales, foreclosures, corporate owned properties, properties in disrepair and sellers who need to sell quickly. We also maintain a database of motivated sellers who are currently not listed on the MLS, including expired listings and For Sale by Owner properties. We also check within our network of realtors with pocket listings.



  • Neighborhood Canvassing

We canvas neighborhoods that you identified as your preferred area for motivated sellers who do not want their property on the open market. We maintain a database of prospective sellers who own homes could meet your specific criteria.




We live in the heart of the high-tech world, and use the most current and evolved technology to stay informed about the market and manage your purchase. We connect through your preferred technology to ease the communication process and match your lifestyle. And, when you need some good old fashioned face time, we’ll happily oblige.



Local Connections

We help you figure out which price ranges, neighborhoods and property types best fit your needs. When it’s time to make an offer, we’ll provide unrivaled guidance, detailed market information and analysis to help you close the best deal.



Personal Guidance

Think of us as your private concierge. We help you review disclosure documentation for the properties you like, and establish the right offer price and terms. We will then present your offer in the most favorable light.



Inspection Assistance

Any property is worth a closer look. We will provide a list of qualified home inspectors, and attend inspections with you. If the inspections reveal items that require correction, we will advise as to whether or not it may be possible to obtain credits or repairs.



Closing Assistance

We’ll monitor the entire escrow process to ensure a smooth experience. And when it’s time to sign closing papers, your agent will be available to handle any last minute details.