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  • “He has been patient, knowledgeable, and solid as far as keeping us up to date, informed, and ready for next steps. We had a lot of questions, and he gave thorough answers that made sense.”

    Louise Z
  • “Everyday we drive back home with our kids and pass through the beautiful evergreen trees surrounding our house. We are the luckiest persons on earth and we will be forever thankful to Jeff.”

    Natalia K
  • “I felt that Jeff was really knowledgeable and explained issues regarding the area, the property type, the quality of the house, renovations and negotiations with the seller. He was very pure hearted and kept our best interests at heart.”

    Alicia B
  • “I received a foreclosure notice and was about to lose my home. I had met Jeff a few months back and quickly called him. Jeff exceeded all of my expectations. He found me a buyer in 72 hours!”

  • “Jeff negotiated exceptionally well and saved us a lot of money. He has extensive knowledge of the industry having been a realtor and developed a variety of properties small and large. I would give him 6 stars if that were possible”

    Erwan D
  • “We chose to put our condo in SF on the market and within four weeks, we had it remodeled, staged, and sold! We have repeatedly thanked Jeff for turning what can be a stressful time into a confident transaction.”

    Kate & David N
  • “Jeff Hand is a great resource and a skilled negotiator. You can also trust him to represent your interest, which goes a long way. He’s always been extremely responsive, informative, patient, and professional.”

    Ryan V
  • “Jeff’s way of conducting business is very straight forward, honest and gentle at the same time. Buying or selling house can be very overwhelming event.  I highly recommend Jeff to any future buyers or sellers.”

    Mila O